Patent Drawing Services in Los Angeles

Silicon Valley gets all the press for being the hot bed of innovation, but Los Angeles County is right up there with the leaders.

During the 15 years from 2000 to 2015 there were only two counties in the entire United States that had more issued patents than LA: Santa Clara County and San Diego County. During that fifteen-year period there were over 42,000 utility patents for which the first named inventor had an address in LA County.

The Need for Patent Drawing Services

Almost every patent application – regardless of whether it’s utility (invention) patent, design patent, or plant patent – needs to be accompanied by a drawing. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, drawings are required whenever they will contribute to understanding the invention, and that is almost always the case.

While it’s possible to prepare your own patent drawings – we have even written about software packages that can be used – it is not advisable. 

For one thing, the rules are very specific, covering everything from the size of the paper to the type of ink, format, numbering conventions, views, shading, and more. Errors in drawings can lead to delays in the patent application, or in some cases the patent application being rejected, or not standing up in court if contested. A comprehensive list of patent drawing requirements can be found here.

Our Extensive Experience

There are several reasons corporations, law firms, and inventors trust us with their patent drawings.

  • Top quality. We have a rigorous quality control procedure in place to make sure all drawings accurately reflect the instructions from the inventor and are in compliance with all relevant patent office standards.
  • Speedy process. We typically provide price quotes within 24 hours of the initial request, and drawings within 3-4 business days of when we get the go ahead for a project.
  • Dedicated to customer satisfaction. Drawings typically do not need any iterations, but if they do, we will provide as many as required until the client is satisfied.
  • Experience. Our team has drawn over 5,000 patent drawings, primarily for the US and European patent offices.

How Much Does It Cost?

Considering that a typical patent application costs thousands of dollars in attorney fees, application fees, as well as inventor time, the cost of the drawings is a relatively small part of the overall equation.

Our prices range from $30 per drawing for simple drawings to $45 for drawings of medium complexity and $60 for complex drawings.

We honor the prices we quote, even if the project ends up taking more time and effort than we anticipated when we made the quotation.


Whether you are in Los Angeles, elsewhere in California or the United States or anywhere around the world, we stand ready to assist you with your patent drawing needs. Please contact us with any questions or to receive a price quotation.